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Welcome! If you’re a fan of romance, spaceships, adventures among the stars, and stories with a dash of humor, then you’ve come to the right place. Science fiction romance author Ruby Lionsdrake is working on a new SFR series called Space Guardians this summer, and the first few are already available. You can check out Book 1, Orion, at Amazon for 99 cents (or for free with Kindle Unlimited).

Ruby has also penned the popular Mandrake Company series and a handful of stand-alones (Stars Across Time, Dragon Bond, and Frost Station Alpha).

Right now, if you sign up for Ruby’s reader list, you’ll receive emails when she has a new Star Guardians novel ready to go, and you’ll also get the bonus novella, Mikolos, for free. Set in the Star Guardians universe with one of the heroes from the Falcon 8, the novella isn’t available anywhere else.

Sign up here to get in on the action (and The Action, ahem):

2 responses to “Welcome & Newsletter Sign-up”

  1. Kimberly Paulson says:

    Hi I have not received the Mikolos special, help please the in withdrawal!

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