Mercenary Instinct: Chapter 4

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Viktor’s tablet bleeped, letting him know he had a request for voice communications. Lord Felgard. It looked like it came from the man’s personal account, too. Not that of some secretary. Huh. It had been less than an hour since Viktor had transmitted the fact that he had acquired the three women, and it was the night cycle on Felgard’s private island, wasn’t it? 3 AM the stamp on the message said. “You want to beat on each other in the gym for a while, sir?” Striker asked. They were walking the corridors from the brig to the mess hall, neither on duty now. It was the night cycle here too. “Later, yes. I’ve got to answer this first.” Viktor waved the tablet, then veered...Read More

Mercenary Instinct: Chapter 3

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“I don’t understand,” Jamie said, sitting hard on the bench built into the back of the cell and crossing her legs with a huff. “We haven’t done anything. You people have been back in the lab with your noses stuck to your microscopes. How could we possibly have done anything?” Technically, Ankari had been reading books on what her microbiologist was doing with her nose stuck to a microscope, but all she said now was, “I don’t know.” She stood near the front of the cell, gazing down the corridor to a security desk at the end. All she could see was a pair of boots propped up on it. Ankari paced back to the bench and patted Lauren on the back. “You doing all right?” Blood...Read More

Mercenary Instinct: Chapter 2

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Captain Viktor Mandrake led his team toward the smoking wreckage, grimacing at the damage Frog’s torpedo had done. The ugly little freighter would never fly again, and—worse—its passengers might not have survived. He flipped open his pocket tablet and skimmed the wanted hologram that formed in the air above it. Yes, alive. The prisoners were supposed to be delivered alive. “Problem, sir?” Sergeant Hazel asked, falling into step beside him. Jiang had also caught up with them, clutching at a shoulder smoldering from a laser blast, and wearing a chagrined expression. He probably felt abashed after letting the girl out of his grasp. He should. Striker, Dunhill, and Chen were making...Read More

Mercenary Instinct (Science Fiction Romance) Chapter 1

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I’m posting chapters of my forthcoming science fiction romance here, as well as on Wattpad while I wait for the beta readers and editors to go over the manuscript. If you’d like to check out this early version (and get a free review copy of the final version later this summer), please sign up for my newsletter. Chapter 1 Ankari Markovich dangled from a rope, making faces as she chiseled fossilized gunk from the walls of a twenty-thousand-year-old latrine shaft. It wasn’t as if the bumps and nodules she was scraping into sample containers smelled after all this time. It was just that she hadn’t imagined herself with such a hands-on role when she had incorporated her latest...Read More