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Mercenary Instinct: Chapter 8

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Viktor was changing into his exercise togs when his comm chimed. Just when he thought he was off duty for the day… He didn’t recognize the face that popped into the air above his desk, along with the request to speak. The unshaven man had a nose as pointy as a spearhead, wore a bandana over greasy dark hair, and his eyebrows had been pierced twenty or thirty times, each little ring sporting a small colorful gem. Wryly, Viktor wondered if any of them were made from aliuolite. The man’s scruffiness—and jewelry choices—meant he wasn’t fleet, but didn’t proclaim much else. Viktor called up the communications and intelligence station before answering. “Yes, sir?” Lieutenant...Read More

Mercenary Instinct: Chapter 7

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The morning brought two gifts: the team’s bags of equipment and three egg logs, the latter being the mercenary equivalent of breakfast. Nobody had offered them dinner the night before, so Ankari was hungry enough to rip open the wrapper of her “log” without scrutinizing the ingredients list. Some things were probably better left a mystery anyway. “I don’t understand this,” Lauren said, standing over her open pack, “but I’m tickled to see my collapsible BioEye 973.” She pulled out a compact field unit that was a combination microscope and sensor unit. “My field generator is even in here.” Ankari opened her own pack and immediately noticed that the rope and rappelling...Read More

Mercenary Instinct: Chapter 6

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Viktor yawned but kept his eyes focused on the video feedback from the brig. He wasn’t going back to bed until he figured out how his prisoner had acquired Doctor Zimonjic’s syringe. Viktor had been standing there, watching the women the whole time that medical treatment had been going on. He’d already scoured the footage from the corridor and, even though there weren’t recording devices in the ladders, had gotten the gist of what had happened in there from Strider’s outcries of rage, which a nearby camera had picked up. What had happened after, out in the corridor, had surprised him. Not the fact that Striker had been bested by a woman—Hazel often took him down on the wrestling...Read More

Mercenary Instinct: Chapter 5

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Ankari woke up when the lights, which had been dimmed for the night cycle, powered up to full strength. Striker was back, standing on the other side of the forcefield and staring at her. At Jamie actually. It was creepy. How long had he been there? A pair of boots were visible on the desk at the other end of the hall. Ankari found that reassuring, though she didn’t know if she should. The crew might look the other way as this Striker dragged a prisoner off to his cave for unspeakable torments. “You rethink my offer?” Ankari sat up. She and Jamie had been sleeping on the floor, while Lauren took the bench. Every surface in the cell was equally hard. “Nah,” Striker said, “but the...Read More

Mercenary Instinct: Chapter 4

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Viktor’s tablet bleeped, letting him know he had a request for voice communications. Lord Felgard. It looked like it came from the man’s personal account, too. Not that of some secretary. Huh. It had been less than an hour since Viktor had transmitted the fact that he had acquired the three women, and it was the night cycle on Felgard’s private island, wasn’t it? 3 AM the stamp on the message said. “You want to beat on each other in the gym for a while, sir?” Striker asked. They were walking the corridors from the brig to the mess hall, neither on duty now. It was the night cycle here too. “Later, yes. I’ve got to answer this first.” Viktor waved the tablet, then veered...Read More